Rooted in Giving

Teravana's Holiday Auction

Welcome to “Rooted in Giving: Teravana’s Holiday Auction” – your opportunity to make a meaningful impact this holiday season! By participating in our auction, you’ll not only support our non-profit’s vital programs, including reforestation efforts and artist creativity programs, but you’ll also discover compelling reasons to give during this special time of the year.

Online Auction goes live: November 23 – December 2


The upcoming auction features an array of enticing items, including stays at Teravana’s expansive 730-acre forest sanctuary, Watusi cow horns from a beloved member of our herd, meditation retreats, captivating art pieces from world-renowned artists, champion giant sequoia and coastal redwood tree starts generously provided by our friends at Archangel Ancient Tree Archive, and much more. 

Sneak peak of Auction Items…

  • 200 HR Yoga Teacher Training with Awakened Spirit (at your location of choice)
  • “Awaken Your Calling” Awakened Spirit Online Course with renowned author, Stephen Cope
  • REÅLEA® Skincare Flagship Five Set
  • Channeling Session with Marilyn Kapps
  • Two Retreat Spaces at the Creative Essence Retreat with Joel Cross 
  • Chenoweth Wine “Taste It” Package
  • Misha Goro, I LEAN, 2023, copper plate etching – engraving, ed.45
  • St. Francis Winery: 2 Bottles of 2017 Reserve Wine (Zinfandel & Cabernet) 
  • Two Seats at Frank Orrall’s of Thievery Corporation Dinner & Concert Series at Teravana


What makes this auction truly special is that every dollar raised contributes directly to the local Sonoma County community’s well-being. (Tax Benefits: Donating to a non-profit organization like Teravana during the holiday season can offer tax benefits.)

Through the creation of a “Living Library” comprised of redwoods, sequoias, oaks, native trees, and edible fruit trees, alongside the preservation of existing trees, Teravana serves as a model forest. This undertaking enhances biodiversity, soil health, water filtration, aids in wildfire mitigation, and strengthens carbon sequestration. 

Teravana also plays a pivotal role as a community hub and educational center, offering valuable learning experiences to local schoolchildren and community members. It serves as an inspiring example of ecological restoration and climate resilience. Moreover, nearby K-12 schools in Sonoma County actively participate in the Tree School program.

By empowering more stewards with the knowledge and skills to plant and care for forests, we’re not only making a local impact but also contributing to a more environmentally sustainable world on a global scale.

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As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, Teravana nurtures the symbiotic relationship between human health and planetary well-being through rigorous community outreach, educational initiatives, and environmental advocacy.

Through our programs and initiatives such as the Living Tree Library, Awakened Spirit, Mindful MD, and Tree School, Teravana seeks to reciprocally contribute to the restoration of the planet through the betterment of human well-being. We aspire that individuals leave our programs as agents for change for themselves and the environment.

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