Rooted in Giving: Teravana’s Holiday Auction

A Celebration of Northern California Forests

November 1, 2023 

By Michael Collins, Teravana  

The Earth needs our help! Forests are disappearing rapidly across the United States, with nearly all of our old-growth forests gone. Teravana’s programs, including the Living Library project, Tree School, Awakened Spirit, and Mindful MD contribute to the betterment of human well-being and health through the restoration of the planet and its forests. Located in Cazadero, CA, Teravana aspires that individuals leave our programs as agents for change for themselves and the environment.

To honor and restore forests in Northern California, “Rooted in Giving: Teravana’s Holiday Auction” will kick off online on November 22 and conclude on December 3, 2023.  

The auction (which can be accessed at will include stays at Teravana’s 730-acre forest sanctuary, horns from one of Teravana’s Watusi cows who recently passed of old age, meditation retreats, yoga sessions, art from world-renowned artists, champion giant sequoia and coastal redwood tree starts (from our friends at Archangel Ancient Tree Archive), and more. Most importantly, 100% of the money raised from the silent auction will directly impact the local Sonoma County community. Here’s how: 

  • By planting a Living Library of trees (redwoods, sequoias, and oaks), as well as a diverse set of native trees and edible fruit trees, along with trees already standing, Teravana serves as a model forest, improving biodiversity and soil health, water filtration, and mitigation of widespread wildfires, and bolstering carbon sequestration. 

  • Teravana acts as a hub for the community, an educational space for local schoolchildren and community members, and an example of ecological restoration and climate resilience. Nearby K-12 schools in Sonoma County will engage in Tree School.

Increasing the number of stewards who better understand how to plant trees and care for the health of forests will lead to a positive global, environmental impact.

About Teravana

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, Teravana nurtures the symbiotic relationship between human health and planetary well-being through rigorous community outreach, educational initiatives, and environmental advocacy. If you would like to learn more, visit

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